Your Faithful Scribe Apologizes

The last few weeks have been eventful for your Scribe. So much so that he has neglected his duties to faithfully chronicle the weekly shootouts in the BGA. In his defense, there was a vacation and the birth of a grandchild lumped in there along with his shooting an anemic “Heintz 57” during a 9-hole round that provided more than enough reason to forego filing his usual fast, accurate, and inciteful reports. He is sorry, just not very. Dilligaf.

Now onto last week’s round which, again, with played in damp and rainy weather. At least this time the temperature had soared into the high 50’s so 3 out of four golfers posted wearing shorts with only Commish not baring his pearly whites. Could that be the reason he was drinking all of the FREE BEER after the round?

The Snowman has firmly solidified his nickname with an almost unbelievable total of 8 snowmen, 4 Hangers (7’s),  and an El Niño (9) in his last 18 holes. Is there a more apt nickname in all of golfdom?

With the sloppy conditions and the equally sloppy golf so far this season, the handicap spread of our intrepid quartet has narrowed considerably with Mr. FourSkin going from being an 8 to now being a 10 playing like a 15; Mr. Fifteen moving from his initial handicap of 10 to now being an 11; Commish finally dropping from being an 11 to now being a perfect 10; and, of course, The Snowman capping out at a maximum handicap of 20 for 9 holes and needing to shoot somewhere around 6 to even begin to get a pulse.

That about wraps up the first 2 months of our season. Please, dear Golf Gods, deliver us at least a few Wednesdays without rain, snow, or hail.

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