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The Snowman 2011 Winner

The Snowman
2015 Winner

With Commish away on vacation, Cousin Ed Adams (once mistakenly thought to be Edie) joined Mr. FourSkin (BC), Mr. Fifteen (CS) and The Snowman (BL) for a cool round of 9 at Mt. Pleasant. Despite barely clearing the road on # 1, BL recorded another solid round to claim the prize of a pint of fine lager from The Crackpot. BC enjoyed the only sub 50 round of the day with a 48 and registered three pars. Ed with only  one par,  battled with Mr. Fifteen for the honor of buying the beer, but CS with the only snowman of the day on # 9, clinched the honor of buying the Snowman his game winning beer. It was a rare feat that The Snowman did not record a single snowman during the round, snapping a streak of 21 consecutive snow covered rounds going back to May 6, 2015. However he did enjoy the honor of having a hat trick of Hangmen. In the team competition BL and CS defeated BC and Ed in a closely contested match. With the return of Commish next week, the competition hopefully looks to heat up as we turn the page of the calendar to May. CS with an ankle injury is listed as questionable and looks to be a game time decision.

a postscript from The Scribe:
Pictured to the left is The Snowman showing off his Simian Award, given for the most improved golfer in the entire BGA. This prestigious award was handed to him from 2014’s winner, Mr. FourSkin. Unlike my former Labrador Retriever who won the Most Improved in his dog training class tow straight times, no one has won this most coveted trophy 2 years in a row. Good Luck, Frosty!

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