The Snowman doth cometh once again

snowmanbillArise my friend and breathe once again. The Snowman doth cometh once again. It’s alive!!!
After Frosty’s most excellent round of even par 36 (that is, after subtracting his 9-hole handicap of 20), he once again has a pulse as his Tracking Handicap has dropped from its flatline of 18.2 to a barely breathing 18.0; and with just a few more putts dropping next week he can become a 19! In short, if The Snowman can shoot a 54, net 34 he will be lower than the course maximum for the first time in over three years. I think he can, I think he can.

Mr. Fifteen is now in red numbers for the Cheeseburger race; however, Commish still has a commanding lead. While The Snowman had 5 fairways and “15” had 4, Commish only had 2 last night but he made up for it with 3 pars to a combined total of NONE from the other two, as Mr. FourSkin is still counted among the missing. Damn that chain that has him tethered to his new desk.

As you may have guessed, Frosty was the winner of a quaff of FREE BEER at the famous Crackpot last night courtesy of Mr. 15’s generosity and poor ply. Final numbers were Frosty 56, net 36, Commish 47, net 38, and Mr. Fifteen 50, net 40.

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One comment on “The Snowman doth cometh once again
  1. Mr. Fifteen says:

    Although Mr Fifteen had a little unfortunate bad luck I am sure all my fans know I will be back strong next week. I predict one birdie and a final score of 42 net 32.

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