While we try to provide content which is suitable for our own sons and daughters to read, The BGA Central Office of Publicity and Compliance apologizes in advance for any offense that you may take.
While we certainly have no idea who you are, we do know that at least 3 of you out there have skin that is just a bit too thin to play in our foursome. Golf for us is a chance to sharpen our tongues and laugh at our friends. We try never to make fun of persons who we do not know, but, over the years, almost everyone that has been paired with us has also joined in the mocking and humor of our pathetic attempts to play good golf. It is in that spirit that we at The BGA Central Office invite you to send us tales of your own golfing triumphs and meltdowns.

While our site is primarily about our golfing journey, some of the features we have put into this site might be of interest to you, too. There are our stats that we have compiled for over two decades. They provide plenty of fodder for mocking each other, and, it’s sad to say, provide much needed solice to other “bad golfers” out there. You think that 10 you got on a hole last year is unique? Well, our Mr. Fifteen didn’t select that name for himself.

Then there are our Golf Course Reviews. While we really enjoy this game, you won’t find too many $300 a round courses with us on them. We are more concerned about having a reasonable cost/stroke ratio. Let’s face it, if you are going to want to kick yourself for playing “bad golf,” there is little need to empty the wallet to do it.

Trying to be less misogynistic, another new feature we put in is dedicated to the Girls of Golf. Not surprisingly, none of the golfing b’hoys have complained a bit.

So, if you want to comment on anything or share some of your own golfing “adventures,” please take the time to do so.

While playing golf today I hit two good balls. I stepped on a rake.
    ~ Henny Youngman