Tales From Beyond the Fairway

If you play this god-forsaken game long enough you will see things that defy explanation. These stories are true, the names have not been changed because there are no innocents.

Most of the following stories take place in Myrtle Beach because it is here that we cut loose for an extended period of bad golf. The BGA recognizes that many bizarre things happen each year in the world of golf and these pages are dedicated to helping us remember those events, no matter how painful. While these stories are true enough, you might want to check into BGA Statistics and BGA Records for the really scary stuff!

Please feel encouraged to submit your own painful and/or humorous golf-related stories and maybe we will post a BGA Blog page to honor your (or your “friend’s”) golfing prowess.

Fruits of the Fairway — in front of the BGA’s largest gallery ever, The Snowman plays through without incident …almost

Tales of the Watery Grave — The Snowman once again produces a miracle shot

Walk Ons and Pago Pa — first tee jitters and friendships made when you are a “walk-on”

The True and Terrible Story of “Bufordgate” — also known to as “The Scandal”

BGA RECORD... Eastport GC, Myrtle Beach 7 Putts, 14th hole The Snowman