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The Snowman at his best

The Snowman at his best

This page is intended as a short-cut to get various information concerning the records maintained by the BGA’s Central Office Super Computer. Hopefully, your golf stats are much better than these, but truthfully, they’re probably not. So take heart, fellow duffers golfers, you are not alone.

Handicaps by Year

Annual Beer Winners

2015 Race for the Chee’burger
(aka, The Simian Award monthly updates)


Final End of Year Stats:

2014 Final Stats
2013 Final Stats
2012 Final Stats
2011 Final Stats
2010 Final Stats
2009 Final Stats
2008 Final Stats
2007 Final Stats    2006 Final Stats     2005 Final Stats

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  1. Hello all, Hope you don’t mind using a Comment to get in touch. Tried CONTACT, but the link didn’t work. That is a handicap, so I’m probably in the right place.
    I looked at the Founding Fathers and didn’t find John McMeel. I thought the BGA was his brainstorm many years ago. John and I go all the way back to Publishers Hall Syndicate, before Universal. Can this message be passed along?
    Aside from that and is a new enterprise that seems to fit well with the BGA. Is there any way we might be associated – exchange of links on the websites – or what have you? I’ll spring for a Cheeseburger if I get an answer.

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