The Snowman Speaks


Mid-Year 2012 Review:

The 2012 BGA season began on March 21 at Mt. Pleasant, the home of the BGA for the past twenty years. As it was the first day of spring, hope and optimism blossomed for the BGA four. A balmy opening day of 67 degrees helped three of the intrepid crew record sub-50 scores. It was four rounds into the 2011 before anyone broke the 50 threshold. Ron “The Commish” Swanson was reborn after his abysmal 2011 season and health issues of the past winter.
A  powerful surge from the starting gate has the Commish as the man to beat for the 2012 Speciman Cup and Cheeseburger Award. With an average score of 47.15 for the first half, he has been on the receiving end of a pint of frosty lager nine times. The Snowman, off to a memorable start for mostly the wrong reasons, has quenched the thirst of the Commish numerous times.
The Snowman is off to a possible record season as he has recorded 16 snowmen in the first half of 2012. His incredible game reached new levels as he actually hit a tee shot on hole 7 that went 50 yards left and behind the tee box without the help of striking a single tree, post or rock. On June 13th he proceeded to tie the high hole score of a Levine (13) held by the Commish. After duffing his tee shot over the hill on #6 into a mass of 3 foot high grassland, he opted to slash and hack his way out instead of wisely teeing it up again. “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. The Snowman failed to learn this from Einstein’s quote and his own previous experience on this hole on 7/20/2011. Only this time his folly earned him a Levine  instead of a Streckfus (11). However he did shoot a Streckfus  to start the round on #1 giving him an Artie Donovan (70) for the day! The following week he recorded yet another Levine as he battled a ferocious Haboob before he finally emerged from the sand after six swipes.
Bill “Mr. FourSkin” Cockey battled an aching back during the early weeks of the season before finally going on the disabled list for three weeks hoping to avoid back surgery. He returned from the disabled list May 30th in fine form with a round that featured back-to-back birds on holes 7 and 8. On June 27 he narrowly missed a cheeseburger shooting a 40/net 33 with a mere 14 putts. Unfortunately his trip to the disabled list coincided with BGA’s 2nd Annual Ocean City Experience.
Three of the BGA duffers teamed up with a friendly OC local to tackle Deer Run. The adventures in OC were cut short as a Nor’easter rained out the final round scheduled at Bear Trap. At some point the BGA must have enraged a Water Witch as the frightening apparition taking the form of our own Bill Cockey pounded the BGA on several occasions with storms of Biblical proportion.
On May 9th the BGA’ers were lucky to make it back to the clubhouse with their lives as their cart careened through breaking waves on its retreat over the flooded 9th hole.
Rodger “Mr. Fifteen” Swanson has played just the right combination of good golf and bad golf to raise his handicap and win several beers on the way. Entering the second half of the 2012 season, all four golfers are in positive territory qualifying for the yearend prize of the Crackpot’s finest burger. The Commish holds onto the lead but the prize is certainly up for grabs as much golf remains in the season.