Rd 9, June 4, 80º and “a Levine”

Rodger "Mr. Fifteen" Swanson

Rodger “Mr. Fifteen” Swanson

While the weather might have had “no excuses” written all over it, it doesn’t mean that we did not need some anyway.

Mr. Fifteen won the low net beer with a 47, net 36; all without benefit of a score better than bogey. This brew was paid for by The Snowman, whose round will be described more fully in just a little while.

Mr. FourSkin and the Commish both had net 37 scores but “Four’s” gross was lower, 45 to Commish’s 47. Commish did have another birdie and has taken a commanding lead in that category for the 2014 season (Commish 2, rest of BGA zero).

Now for a little more in-depth analysis of Frosty’s latest adventure. Making up half of “Team Bill” in his match versus ‘The Swansonheads,” Frosty through a horrendous round of 69 at the Swansonheads and still emerged as the unlikeliest hero.

Imagine yourself in a Best Ball match where your partner starts out with 9-7-6-9-13 (13 is known as “a Levine”) for the first 5 holes, needing 7 putts on just the last two of those. Now you come to a downhill par 3 over a stream. Knowing that, in past seasons, The Snowman has had a 12 and a 13 on this 125 yard hole,  you bravely say, “Partner, this is your hole.” Feeling his partner’s confidence, Frosty took out his trusty 13-wood, leaving his normal 11-wood in the bag along with his other 22 clubs. A mighty swing put him above the hole some 25 feet away. After a tricky 2-putt The Snowman was in with a par 3, net 1 and he won the hole for Team Bill.

snowmanbillTwo holes later, the match was all tied up coming to the final hole, and it is rated as the hardest on the course. An uphill 465 yard par 4 always proves to be a tough hole and a bogey 5 is usually a good score. All 4 players finish with 6’s but Frosty’s handicap brings him in with a net 3 and a victory for his team…and another free beer.

Never give up. It’s his mantra and the words he lives by.

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A "Streckfus": a score of 11. Named after a former BGA star that never had more than an 8, until made to count all of his strokes.