Rd. #8 May 28, The Stats & Heinz 57


Mr. FourSkin and his Monkey

Mr. FourSkin and his Monkey

First the stats.

After 2 months of terrible weather and even worse golf, here is what we have done. So far no one has qualified for the end-of-year Simian Award and Chee’burger Dinner.

Now the recap of our 8th round of the season. As usual for this season, the weather sucked. While the temperature started out in the low 80’s, the night ended with lows in the 50’s. Consequently some wind and raindrops were dodged during our round. By the time the BGA left the Nineteenth Hole (The Crackpot Restaurant), heavy rain and minor flooding was happening. Team 4Skin and Commish easily defeated The Snowman and Mr. 15 for the team beer as the match was dormie afterthe first 5 holes.

Individually the scores reflected the lopsided team match. Commish (Ron Swanson) and Mr. FourSkin (Bill Cockey) decent, not great, rounds of 46 and 44, respectively. Since 4Skin gives 2 strokes to Commish, they tied for net score (net 36, even par) and each won an additional cold one from today’s loser, Mr. Fifteen (Rodger Swanson) who hacked his way to a giddy “Heinz 57,” net 46  Ouch, 11 over par in just 9 holes.

Not to be outdone, The Snowman (Big Bill Levering) again channeled one of his heroes and scored his record-setting third straight “Babe Ruth” with a 60, net 41.

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