Rd 6, May 14, The Snowman Doth Return

The Commish

The Commish

Let’s get this out of the way first. Ron “Commish” Swanson finally had a half-way decent round. What it could’a been if only a few putts had dropped…

But the big news was that The Snowman, Bill Levering, returned and regained his throne. Unfortunately for Bill, his golf game deserves a throne of the porcelain variety.

Earlier in the week it had been pointed out to The Snowman that he was in last place as far as shooting 8’s this season, having just a single frosty number to show for his efforts. Well, after beginning the round with a pair of 8’s and then hitting another one along the way, The Snowman has regained his rightful place in the pantheon of bad golf. Throwing in a pair of 7’s and a streak of the Devil’s number (6-6-6) on consecutive holes, our Frosty finished with a score that Babe Ruth made famous…60, net 41 for 9 holes.

Uncharacteristically, Mr. 4Skin, Bill Cockey, continued his perplexing string of poor play as he started with an El Niño (a 9) and followed that up with four straight 6’s. Rebounding with a pair of 4’s, it looked like Mr. 4Skin might have found his stroke, but a double bogey-bogey finish showed exactly what he is made of. A 53 net 46 meant that Bill was buying a tall, cold one for Commish at the famous Crackpot Restaurant later that evening. Bill was, however, happy that he had beaten his partner for the round, Mr. Levering, at least in gross, if not net, score.

The Commish’s playing partner for the round was his brother, Rodger “Mr. Fifteen” Swanson who talked a better game than he shot. However he did contribute a pair of pars that helped the Swansonheads  beat the Bills 4 to 2 with 3 holes halved and win another “team beer”. Interestingly, The Snowman won the only 2 holes for Team Bill.

Oh yeah, for the record, Rodger finished 52 (net 41) and Ron shot 47 (net 37).

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