Rd #5, April 22 and Babe Ruth Returns

snowmanbillFor the first time this year, the weather looked fine. At 2:00 it was almost 70 and sunny; but, tee time was not until 5:34 and by the time it came around the wind had felled trees in the area, the rain poured down, and the temperature had plunged to the low 50’s. Showing a remarkable lack of common sense, the BGA b’hoys showed up on-time and one of them was even wearing shorts (Mr. Fifteen). After reconsidering his lunacy, a pair of longer and warmer pants was found in his car and off to the tee we went.

A hard played team game ensued with Team Swansonhead (the Commish and Mr. Fifteen) 1 down to Team Bill (Mr. FourSkin and The Snowman) coming to the last hole. The Swansonheads were in with a double bogey 6’s (net 5) while The Snowman was laying 5 still 6 feet away. Calmly stroking his 60th shot of the 9-hole round, Frosty sunk the putt and secured another win for The Bills.

Final scores were Mr. FourSkin 44 (net 37), Commish 48 (net 39), Mr. Fifteen 50 (net 40), and buying the beer, The Snowman with a “Babe Ruth” 60, net 41. What a great game when someone can shoot a 9, an 8, and four 7’s and still be the hero by making the game-winning shot when it was most needed.

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