Rd. 3, April 8: Cold, Wet, and No Snowman

Three golfers posted on time but The Snowman was no where to be seen. Since your faithful Scribe is still thawing out from the windy, rainy, 42 degree round, all he can recall is that Mr. FourSkin bounced his first drive off the road and then proceeded to hit 6 fairways and post 4 pars en route to the first good round of the year. Final scores were Mr. FourSkin 42 (net 35), Mr. Fifteen 48 (net 38) and with a 48 (net 39) Commish was buying the brew at The Crackpot that evening.

That is all and please bring back some global warming.

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We used to call it a Mashie Niblick; Today it is a 7 iron