Rd 25, Sept. 24, Finally a “2” is Scored

First the important stuff…the link for the BGA Statistics through the end of September 2014.

The Scribe is very pleased to write that someone (the Commish) finally filled in the 6th hole on his scorecard with a 2. After almost 25 round, the end of September, and only 3 rounds left in the season, someone in the BGA hit his tee shot close enough to make a putt…or to be more clear, make his first putt. As can be see on the stats, Commish now has a league-leading 80% of the season’s birdies. On the other hand, Mr. FourSkin has almost 47% of the pars, the best putting average, and the lowest handicap but has yet to sink a birdie putt. Go figure.

The Simian Award given to the most improved player based upon improvement in his or her stats in Fairways, Greens in Regulation, Pars, and Birdies is still up for grabs as no one has been able to improve upon their 2013 totals.

For the last round of the penultimate month of the season, Commish won the beer from Mr. Fifteen. Scores were Commish 43 (net 33), Mr. FourSkin 45 (net 37), and Mr. Fifteen a horrendous 54 (net 44) that featured bookend snowmen to go with no GIRs or Pars.

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Meritorious Award Eastport GC, Myrtle Beach 14 stroke improvement from hole #2 (a 16) to hole #3 (a 2) The Commish