Rd 22, Sept 3, A Levine Makes the Scene

Big Bill “The Snowman” Levering began his round with his second “Levine” of the season. His second “What?” you are probably saying right about now. Let me fill you in….

The PGA has terminology that is universally known. Words such as eagle, birdie, par and bogey are used by every good golfer. We found that so many of those terms were under-used in the BGA and we developed a more useful set of terms:

a Levering: named for our beloved Snowman, this is a score of 1 under double par (5 on a par 3, 7 on a par 4, etc.).
a Streckfus: a score of 11, named for a late lamented BGA’er who “never shot more than a snowman” (an 8) on any hole; that is until we made him count all of his strokes. Since retired from competition because of the stress of shooting so many “Streckfi.”
a Pavoratti: a great tenor, hence a “great” score of ten or more in the BGA. (With the development of  additional BGA nomenclature, its use has become restricted to a score of 10.)
And, finally…
a Levine: named in honor of one of our favorite bartenders at the almost world famous Crackpot Restaurant, our favorite 19th hole. On a Myrtle Beach trip, Mr. Levine looked at a hole on The Gauntlet at St. James and declared that, “I could shoot a 13 on a hole like this!” And so he did; but it required a nifty 30 yard chip-in to do so.

All of that brings us back to our 22nd round of the year. The Snowman shot a good solid round and, except for that Levine on the first hole, would have had a decent round. However, all it takes is a single Levine and your round winds up in the toilet and that is exactly what happened to Frosty as he had to buy a beer for his partner and the our winner, Rodger “Mr. Fifteen” Swanson, who recorded a 43, net 32 to miss winning a chee’burger by a single stroke. Frosty turned in a 59, net 40.

Bill “Mr. FourSkin” Cockey also shot a 43 but his net score was only 35 but it was good enough to carry his partner to a “team” beer victory as Ron “Commish” Swanson finished with a 48, net 38.


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A "Levine": a score of 13, named after Kevin "C'Mon Thirteen" Levine