Rd #2, 66º, Windy, and a “Kevin Gregg”

Your Scribe had to look long and hard to find a jersey number to describe The Snowman’s latest round of golf… but, in the end, the numbers didn’t lie. Kevin Gregg had a couple of very forgettable seasons as the Orioles closer and Frosty should be so lucky as to have yesterday’s 63 forgotten.

Mr. FourSkin was low man with another non-descript round of 48 (41 net) with 2 pars and 2 Hangers (7’s). His round highlight was a plugged lie in the face of the bunker on #4. On his 4th attempt he exited the sand and holed the putt for a “faux” sand save.

Mr. Fifteen won the beer with a low net of 39 (50 gross) and recorded the BGA’s season’s first “snowman” on Hole #1.

Commish had the season’s second snowman on the same Hole #1 and proceeded to show “warning track power” as he dumped 4 approach shots into greenside bunkers during the round. Some good putting (15)  and a real sand save could not overcome a sketchy driver and he ended up with a pitiful 52 (net 41).

The Snowman didn’t get his first “snow” of the season until the 4th hole of his second round. That, along with a couple of El Niños (9’s) and some hangers led to his “Kevin Gregg,” a score for which I am sure we won’t remember the moniker. For the record, after the season’s first 18 holes, Frosty has six 7’s, an 8, a pair of 9’s and 3 double digits…all of which add up to a hefty 133 and the loss of the season’s first 2 beers.

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