Rd #18, Aug. 6 & Cohiba Magic

The Commish

The Commish

Quietly and with little fanfare, The Commish has been winning more than his share of beer from the rest of the BGA. His early season woes are beginning to be forgotten as he now has won 4 of his last 5 rounds and only a single stroke away from making it 5 straight. Yesterday he credited his best score of the year (43, net 33) to a little inadvertent assist from Mr. Fifteen.

Back from vacationing in some ritzy place where only the weathy can go, Mr. Fifteen brought back some Cuban Cohibas for the rest of the b’hoys of the BGA. Being the non-smoking, non-drinking, God-fearing and church-going man that his neighbors wish he was (is 1 out of 4 all that bad?), he delighted in telling us  about the good deal he got bargaining with the locals outside his ritzy vacation hacienda as he passed out his gifts. Mr. FourSkin and The Snowman smoked theirs right then and there, enjoying every puff on the stogie. Commish, however, had not had a cigar in more than a year so he thanked his brother for it and put the Cohiba away in his humidor when he got home. All week he swears that he could hear that cigar calling him. “I am the truth, light me and I’ll show you the way,” it kept whispering to him.

Well, not wanting to hear the damn thing for another week, Commish lit up on the first tee and proceeded to shoot bogey, par, par, par. Then the stogie was used up…and so was the magic. The last 5 holes were all 5’s, including a par 3 that he scored par on with his second ball but it was recorded as a double bogey anyway.

What did Commish have to say? “It was one sweet smoke. Thanks Mr. Fifteen, I’ll remember that chatty little cigar for a long time.”

Mr. FourSkin failed to post as he took his yacht, 30 cases of beer, and some of his real friends on a week-long cruise in the Chesapeake. Mr. Fifteen shot a fine round of 46, net 35 and The Snowman had 2 more snowmen on his way to a 58, net 39 and buying Commish another brew at the fabulous Crackpot restaurant, our traditional 19th hole.

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