Rd 15, July 1 and Commish Wins Again

Round 14 was just Commish and Mr. Fifteen with Commish winning with a very weak 48, net 38 to Mr. Fifteens’s 51, net 40. Enough said.

This week, Rounf 15, the scores were  close as Commish shot a 46, net 36 to win again. Mr. Fifteen finished with 48, net 39; The Snowman had a 60, net 41, and Mr. FourSkin finished with a 48, net 41. The end result of which was 2 beers being awarded to Commish.

The excitement of the round came when Mr. Fifteen holed a 6 foot putt on the final hole to win the team competition as Commish missed his 12 footer for par by about 2 inches and with biot finishing with bogeys, Mr. Fifteen got his single stroke from Commish on this hole to record a team victory and a beer awarded to both Misters as they bested the team of Frosty and Commish 1-up.

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