Rd 13, June 17 Could 2 Chee’burgers Really Be Awarded?

The short answer is “No,” but it was oh so close.

With The Snowman stuck at work, the intrepid three teed off in a slight drizzle (like, what’s new, right?). The first 2 holes were a “wash” as six bogeys were posted. Then the separation began. On #3, Commish double bogeyed against Mr. Fifteen’s par and Mr. FourSkin‘s first BIRDIE of the season. Over the last 6 holes Mr. 4Skin would add another birdie and 2 pars; Mr. 15 would go on to par 4 of those 6 holes, while Commish could manage only a single par over the last stretch.

All-in-all the quality of the golf that was played this day could truly be referred to in the elevated terms of mediocre, bordering upon acceptable. High praise, indeed. No score higher than 6 was recorded (2 each by “The Misters” and 3 by Commish) and when all of the dust settled, Commish was buying the beer even though he had a net par score which, just the previous week was the winning score.

The Chee’burger rounds:
After 7 holes the scores were totaled and Mr. Fifteen stood at 32, net 21. He needed just a bogey-bogey finish to score a FREE Chee’burger dinner. Could he play just 2 more holes without choking like a dog?

Mr. FourSkin’s score was 29, net 22. He could win the ‘burger with par-bogey finish; an easy task considering he had a pair of pars and birdies already.

It is sad to report that “15” finished double bogey-bogey and “4Skin” went down with a bogey-double finish.

So close, and on his birthday, too. Well, Happy Birthday, young fella. Just keep trying.

So at about the mid-point of the season, the birdie lead is now Mr. FourSkin’s as he has 2 to Commish and Mr. Fifteen’s singleton. So far The Snowman has chosen not to compete in this coveted competition. As for sub-par net scores this year, there have only been 3, the two recorded today and Commish’s 31 a month ago that did win a Chee’burger dinner.

Beers won/lost so far:
Mr. FourSkin : won 6, bought 3
The Snowman: won 3, bought 3
Mr. Fifteen: won 5, bought 4
Commish: won 4, bought 4

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