Rd #12, 6/25/14, Some Good Golf and Crabcake Wars

The Snowman at his best

The Snowman at his best

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The temperature was a muggy 89 and it looked like The Snowman might shoot temperature this day instead of slope. After Mr. Fifteen, the Commish and Mr. FourSkin had decent drives of around 230 yards, Big Bill Levering, known in golfing circles as The Snowman, stepped to the tee and using his almost-patented cross-over leg, twisty swing failed to cross the Road Hole’s road some 15 yards in front of him. Undaunted, he hit 3 from the tee, then proceeded to swiftly play his 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th shots as he continued to sneak up on the first flag of the day. Mercifully, a good chip and a one-putt put him in for a Pavoratti (a 10).

On an ordinary day this would have been the big story, but not today. Overshadowing Frosty’s ineptitude was the fact that there actually was some good golf being played.

The rest of the foursome had 2 pars and a bogey on the opening par 5. This start propelled Bill Cockey (Mr. FourSkin) to hit 5 fairways, 5 Greens, and get 5 pars on his way to a solid 44 (net 37) for the 9 holes. A pair of “Leverings” (a BGA term meaning 1 under double par) kept his score from being really good. The Commish (Ron Swanson) found it hard to make a putt and, after the initial par on the first hole, finished with 8 consecutive bogeys to also post a 44 (net 33).

Today’s gold star went to Mr. Fifteen (Rodger Swanson) as he followed up his initial bogey with a couple of pars and a chip-in birdie to need only 14 putts and finish with a 43, net 32. A single shot better and he would have won the season’s first Chee’burger dinner at the fabulous Crackpot Restaurant, our 19th hole. He did, however, get to drink a tall cold one on The Snowman’s dime as Frosty finished with a 58 (net 39) to finish a solid fourth place in the day’s festivities.

Getting back to Crabcakes, today the Food Network was filming at the fabulous Crackpot Restaurant for an upcoming “showdown” for Baltimore’s best crabcakes. We don’t know when it will be aired but it should be good. Also competing against The Crackpot is Pappas Restaurant and world-renowned Faidley’s at Lexington Market. Crackpot’s cakes are good but my money is on Pappas’s for the best. If you have never had an all-lump Baltimore crabcake you have no idea what you are missing. Hint: have it broiled, not fried. Tartar sauce, not cocktail. Old Bay sprinkled all over it. Yummmmmy!!!

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