Rd #11, June 3, Where Art Thou O Snowman?

Mr. FourSkin and his Monkey

Mr. FourSkin and his Monkey

Another week of steady rain, the first June days in 6 years with high temps below 65, and The Snowman fails to post, again. The scuttlebutt around the BGA Central Office is that he is trying to sit on his lead in the Race for The Simian Award, formerly known as The Specimen Cup. As can be seen in the current BGA Stats, he is way ahead in this year-long competition but losing ground seemingly every time he puts a club in his hand.

To the matter at hand, yesterday’s round was the quintessential BGA. Lots of almosts, and very few rememberables.

Commish started with a pair of double bogeys then seemed to turn things around with a couple of pars before reverting to add 4 more double bogeys in the final 5 holes and finishing with a very poor 49, net 40.

Mr. Fifteen on the other hand, got off to a pair on bogeys, then settled for hangers (7’s) on the next two par fours. Recovering to finish with a full house of 5’s over 4’s on the last 5 holes, he finished with a 48, net 37.

Mr. FourSkin. Now here is a piece of work. Knowing that if he had a 45 today, his handicap would go up, he evidently did some quick ciphering and realized that over 9 holes he needed to score 5 on each one. So what do you suppose he did? Hole 1, a par 5, he parred it for a 5. Hole 2, a par 4, he shot a bogey 5. Holes 3, 4, and 5 were also par 4’s that he bogeyed. Five holes and five 5’s. On the par 3 sixth hole things got weird as he slipped up big time and parred the hole. Holes 7 and 8 also produced bogey 5’s. Now the math got complicated and he knew he needed a bigger number than 5 but how big was the question. Trying not to be too obvious, he three-putted for his only double bogey of the round and finished with a 44, net 37. This produced a tie for the winning score and poor Commish had to buy a beer for each of the victorious gladiators.

And, to Mr. FourSkin’s immense relief, his 44 was just bad enough to move his handicap up a stroke for next week’s competition. Hopefully we will see Frosty making an appearance and the team games can begin their third rotation of the year with The Bills taking on Team Swansonhead. New handicaps will be:
Mr. FourSkin (8) & The Snowman (19) versus Mr. Fifteen (11) & Commish (10)

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