Rd #11, 6-18-14 Hot and humid … finally

The weather was hot and so were the Bills! The Snowman (Bill Levering) had his best round of the season, albeit it was just a 56 (net 37) for our 9-hole match. That “other Bill,” Bill “Mr. FourSkin” Cockey shot a cool 42 (net 34) and once again lowered his 9-hole handicap to 7, just a mere 3 strokes away from winning a chee’burger dinner at the Crackpot.

Commish (Ron Swanson) was never able to sink a putt (but he did burn quite a few edges) and limped home with a 49, net 38; while Rodger “Mr. 15” Swanson embarrassed himself with a 51, net 40 and had to supply the FREE BEER for Mr. Cockey.

There were no double digits but we did manage to throw in 3 snowmen (8’s) and one El Niño (a 9) in our round. All-in-all a very non-memorable round which is fitting since the team competition (Mr. 4Skin & Commish versus The Snowman & Mr. 15) ended in a flat-footed draw, so no beer was spilled.

Your loyal Scribe can feel the tension and excitement building as, after next week’s round, the updated Simian Award statistics will be posted. Good luck to all.

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