Rd. 10, 6/11, Got His Kicks Enroute to 66

Weather Report: 80 degrees, Severe T’storm Warning and Tornado Watch. The weather and our game matched.

Mr. FourSkin on the Tee

Mr. FourSkin on the Tee

Our friend and former decent golfer, Bill “Mr. FourSkin” Cockey, once again grabbed a victory as he has begun to show signs of regaining the form that has made him the “best of the least.” Hitting 4 fairways and recording 4 pars BC used a mere 13 putts to post a 42, net 34 to record a 2-stroke victory. By the way, only one of his 4 pars came from hitting the fairway! Just proves that old BGA axiom,  “Bad things happen from the short stuff.”

Commish (Ron Swanson) recorded the second best round of the day as his bulky putter took 20 of his 47 strokes to finish with a net 36 score with one par and one 4-putt. Ouch.

4Skin’s partner for the round, Mr. Fifteen (Rodger Swanson) was either very, very good or very, very, very bad. In just 9 holes he recorded 3 pars, needed just 18 putts, and still finished on the high-side of 50! Three hangers (7’s) and a snowman (8) can do that to you (52, net 41).

Speaking of snowmen, The Snowman (Bill Levering) got his kicks and shot a 66 (net 47). We knew something was wrong with his game when he needed 8 strokes to go the final 100 yards on the first hole and finished with a 3-putt 12. Truthfully, we’ve known for years that something was wrong with Frosty’s game, but that’s another story. Just how did he get his kicks for a 66 you ask? Well, Bill did it with 3 hangers, a snowman an El Niño (9) and that testy little 12. How would you do it?

Beer results were Snowman bought Mr. FourSkin a brew and Team Snowman/Commish bought Team Misters (4Skin and 15) each a brew for their 3 and 2  team win.

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