Plantation Course, Kapalua

Kapalua Plantation Course
Kapalua, Maui, HI

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Played: July 1, 2004
Greens Fee: $85, twilight rate
Cost/Stroke: $0.83 (102 strokes)
Pace of Play: No waiting, played as quickly as we wanted to.
Overall Rating: Loved the course but TV doesn’t tell you all you need to know.

Did not take my sticks on vacation to Hawaii so I rented a bag of Pings in the clubhouse. Nice clubs but definitely different than my Titleists. Since I can play Bad Golf with my own clubs, you can imagine the kind of Bad Golf I am capable of with rental clubs.

This is probably the most scenic course I have ever played. Fairways were generally wide but there were quite a few blind shots requiring more local knowledge than I had. Consequently my score of 102 includes 4 penalties for lost golf eggs and 38 putts.

I can’t remember having a level stance for any shot after I left the tee box so it is a good test of your game. That and the wind. It seems that the weather is always 85 and pleasant on Maui but when you are on the golf course you really notice the wind. Hole #8 is a Par 3 downhill over a ravine, 172 yards. With the “gentle” breeze I hit a chocked down 3-wood which, for me on this day, was the right club. It was intimidating because if the wind let up I envisioned hitting my newly bought golf egg smack in the middle of the Pacific. Two putts later I had one of my 3 pars for the day.

Luckily for me, my wife drove the cart and took lots of pictures so I can reflect back on this wonderful experience as, way too often, I got caught up in watching the shots and wondering if I could find the little dimpled demon so I could whack it again.

With the rolling terrain and the blind tee shots, I have to admit that frequently I guessed where the fairway turned. Watching the Mercedes Tournament over the years did help on several shots. For instance, on the long Par 5 18th I remembered the announcers saying that there was plenty of room to the right and with a good tee shot you would get a tremendous amount of roll. I hit it right but not good enough to get all of the “free” distance they talked about and from there made a one-putt bogey. I was happy.

Overall Rating: If I ever get to Maui again I would love to play this course another time. To be honest, I would not play during the prime time, though, as the greens fees are an additional $200 and that would make my cost/stroke way too high for my personal comfort level of playing Bad Golf quickly.

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A "Levine": a score of 13, named after Kevin "C'Mon Thirteen" Levine