Opening Day, March 30, 2016

Finally the day had arrived. Dusting off our sticks and swings after a long winter of un-use, the BGA arrived at the appointed time to start the new season. The wind was up and the temperature was down; however, “the Bills” both made their appearance in mid-summer garb sporting short pants and scary white legs.

Sadly, it began much like the previous one had ended. While everyone crossed the road on the notorious #1 Road Hole, Commish flirted with becoming the season’s first to fail to cross the road but somehow ended up in the fairway. By the time everyone was in the hole, Mr. FourSkin had an “hanger” (7), Commish and The Snowman were in with snowmen (8), and Mr. Fifteen had to write down an El Niño (9).

Commish ended up with a single par and a big 50, net 39. Mr Fifteen found 3 fairways, hit 3 greens in regulation, made 3 pars and led in fewest putts with 18. Somehow he, too, recorded a 50, net 40. I guess it goes to show that a 9 and a 7 really can mess up a scorecard! Mr. FourSkin put in 3 pars to go along with a pair of 7’s, an 8, and a 9 to wind up with a 53, net 45 and had to provide the season’s first beer to The Snowman who, in spite of an 8 and a pair of 7’s ended up with a Heintz 57, net 37.

No beer was won in the Team Competition as The Bills and The Swansonheads tied 4 to 4 with a single push on hole #5. It did take a par by Mr. Fifteen (net birdie)  to beat Mr. FourSkin’s par (net par) on the final hole of the match, the hardest rated hole on the front nine. For the record, Commish had a bogey (net par) and The Snowman recorded a double-bogey (net par) on the 445 yard uphiller.

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