News Flash…BGA Opening Round Postponed

Your humble Scribe has to admit that he is feeling more like the weather girl than the reporter of all that is true and weird in the world of golf in the BGA. Today’s rescheduled Opening Day has had to be re-rescheduled until next Wednesday, April 2, at Mt. Pleasant.

It is not just because the temperature won’t get above 35 degrees and the sustained winds will be 20-25 mph (gusts will top 40, too) that the round was postponed. It is because we can’t find the greens or even the fairways. Sure I know you are thinking that we can’t find them very often even in the middle of June, but today the greens are whites and the fairways are, too. In fact, so is the rough and the sand bunkers are a beautiful white also.

Facing the latest start since the 2006 season, The Snowman said last night, “There will be no March Madness this year in the BGA but watch out when the April Fools come out next week.”

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