Mt. Pleasant Golf Course

Mt. Pleasant Golf Course
Baltimore, MD

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MtPleas1Played: Sept. 15, 2010
Greens Fee: $10, twilight rate for a 5:26 p.m. tee time
Cost/Stroke: $0.21 (foursome scores 45, 46, 48 & 56 for the front nine)
Pace of Play: Reasonable for a muni
Overall Rating: A fine course that could be great with a little more care

Mt. Pleasant is the home course for the BGA. We have played here for years and tend to overlook things that would bother me at another course. So, for the record, if things sound critical it’s only out of tough love The price is misleading because this year it seemed that rates fluctuated quite often. We always tee off at either 5:26 p.m. or 5:34 p.m. and our fees have ranged from $25.00 to a low of $10.00. It’s based on how many holes they think you can get in, I guess..

The Course: Once home to The Eastern Invitational Open until 1963, the course has held up decently. These days it is never in tournament condition anymore even though several amateur events are held here every year. Since we only play 9 holes each week, almost always the front nine, this review will confine itself mainly to that half of the course. For a tournament they would need at least a case of white spray paint to mark Ground Under Repair (GUR) and this is sad. I would like to see several truckloads of soil dumped on each hole near the cart paths close to the greens. They are horrendous. In fact, the BGA plays many areas as GUR even though they are not marked. Many downslope areas, particularly around trees, have also eroded to the point that they are mostly small stones and rubble instead of rough. These we consider GUR also and move to the nearest patch of turf so that we don’t ruin our clubs. A few loads of top soil could make this a first class course once again.

Greens: The greens can be spectacular. Every now and then they run fast and a delicate touch is required. However, the next week, or even sometimes the next hole, will require you to “hammer” the ball to get it to the hole. There is no consistency to the speeds on the greens. In the past the greens would get progressively better until early June and then they would be consistent for the remainder of the season, not so this year. What happened?

Quirky Stuff: The most glaring deficiency in a course that bills itself as “Championship Tested” is the lack of a practice facility. We of the BGA just get out of our cars and “jack one up” anyway but most people would like to be able to hit a few balls to loosen up. They can’t do that here.

Did Not Like: Can’t think of anything except the course conditioning and probably 50 loads of top soil could fix that. The staff is friendly and accommodating, service at the snack bar is spotty, but that’s really nit-picky stuff.

Great Good Fun Stuff: The very first hole is our version of “The Road Hole.” While it certainly is not a difficult Par 5 (542 yards from the whites, basically straight), the tee shot has to cross the road you exit the course on and thereby provides the BGA with one of its annual tests. To date it has been 2 years since one of us failed to clear the “Road Hole” but without anyplace to loosen up before that first tee shot, and with the “gallery” watching, it is always a highlight waiting to happen.

Overall Rating: I just really like this course in spite of its declining conditioning. On those occasions when the greens are fast and true, it is a round to savor. Mt. Pleasant is a grand old lady that could become a shining star once again if Baltimore City decides it wants to have a premier course available for the public. Everything is in place except for allowing the grounds crew to do what is necessary. After all, that’s why it has been the home course of The Bad Golfers Association for almost twenty years.

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