Mr. Fifteen, a Brief History

Rodger "Mr. Fifteen" Swanson

Rodger “Mr. Fifteen” Swanson

Mr. Fifteen is and always has been the player we most like to beat. When he loses, the beer he buys is always the coldest. Why is this, you ask? Is it because he is the best player and we like to beat the best? Certainly not. Is it because of the gracious way he has when he loses?  Don’t make us laugh. It is because he is such a good winner, and he doesn’t mind telling you about it, ad nauseam. What follows are a few of his memories; and then the way it actually happened.

Best Shot Ever:
The par 5 at Gator Hole in Myrtle Beach where I hit my best 5 wood ever to land next to green over the ravine and water. What we remember: No recollection of this shot. However, we do remember that when he actually tracked his 5-wood stats, it averaged about 75 yards shorter than he thought and led to quite a few more penalties than Mr. Fifteen thought.

Hole-in-One I Didn’t Get:
The par 3 12th hole at Longview where I knew I got a hole in one but didn’t. Another great shot, though. What we remember: The “Monkey Dance.” That curious jumping and jiving thing that you did as you told each of us in turn to, “Take that, oh, yeah. It’s in the hole.”

My Worst Hole Ever:
Playing Aberdeen in Myrtle Beach, my very long tee shot drifted right a little and I had trouble getting out of the woods and over the lake. However, I did come away with a new nickname. What we remember: Bang off a tree, splash in the drink, splash in the drink, splash in the drink a few more times, finally take a drop, hit on the green, putt out; and the Legend of Mr. Fifteen was born.

Best / Worst Rounds:
9 Hole: 2006, Mt. Pleasant GC, 41
18 Hole: 1997, Longview (now Fox Hollow) GC, 84
9 Hole: 1991, Pine Ridge GC, 67
18 Hole: 1996, Colonial Charters (Myrtle Beach), 137

Significant Awards:
BGA Simian Award and Race for the Chee’burger, 2010

Great Shots from Other Players:
The Snowman: was in the pot bunker at the Gauntlet where he swung and swung and swung for 6 sands, only to come out and go into another bunker for a few more.
The Commish: when he got a hole-in-one at Mt. Pleasant (Actually it was at Longview, but it is surprising that he even remembered.)
Mr. FourSkin: when we were playing in a Captain’s Choice tournament and he hit a fantastic 3-wood second shot unto the green on a par 5 and then made the putt for eagle. All of which was set up by my terrific drive.

Mr. Fifteen enjoys the spoils of victory, 2010

Mr. Fifteen enjoys the spoils of victory, 2010

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