Fox Hollow Golf Course

Fox Hollow Golf Course
Timonium, MD

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fox1Played: July 17, 2010
Reviewed by: Golfer known only as “The Professor”
Overall Rating: Not yet ready for primetime.

There is an old barbecue saying that “it may be cooked, but it ain’t done” and that certainly applies to the new and improved Fox Hollow back 9. But to really get a good understanding of how this fine project went south, we need to take a good look at the project big picture.

Fox Hollow is a refurbished golf course originally built on a landfill in the late 60’s, and was not making very good use of their space. After a $3 million effort, they fell short.

Consider the tale of the driving range. A rather nice 300 yard driving range with over 40 stations, a wonderful enclosure system, and perhaps the best evening lighting I have ever seen. Problem: the range points due west, into the setting sun.  Is this affecting usage?  Last evening between 6 and 7 PM, there were 6 avid golfers wacking away. Less than three miles away is another municipal golf course, Pine Ridge, with a 46 station driving range.  Pine Ridge has a typical count at that time of 40+ golfers, and often there is a waiting line. Its driving range faces south. Was this by luck or better planning?

But let me get back to Fox Hollow. They built a nice air conditioned driving range club house, but they forgot the indoor plumbing. Too bad they removed the trees that we BGA members use…

The front nine is unchanged so if you liked the course when it was called “Longview” you won’t see any difference now that it is Fox Hollow.

Let’s tee it up on the back nine. First, there is a lack of visible yardage markers.  If you are trying to hit to the full swing pitching range of say, 100 yards, good luck. There is a stripe or a dot on the cart path, but that won’t do you much good if you’re in the rough.

Second, while there is an abundant number of sprinkler heads, none have distances.

Third, is the quality of the rough.  It is rough and will need a few years of growing in to get a uniform thickness. To say it is clumpy is a generous statement.

Number four on the list is the quality of the new greens.  Lots of sand, and they need more grass. And forget about holding anything on them this year.  Or next year…

Number five is the quality of the new and improved tees. They are level, but the grass is long and clumpy, often exceeding the height of the longer wooden tees.  I know where a driving range mat could be put to good use.

Finally, the back nine is a tight shot makers course and this is in direct contrast to the wide open front nine.

Maybe in three years but for now “Put it back on the smoker, ’cause it ain’t done.”

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