Driving Rain, Driving Faux-Pas, and a Streckfus

Daylight was waning as we teed off and later that night the weather service was calling for the start of a week of rain. Arriving just before tee time, Commish starts it off with a jack O.B. left almost to Hillen Road. Commish’s partner for the round, The Snowman, striped it down the fairway as usual, although still a far way from the green on the long par 5 Road Hole at Mt. Pleasant.

By the time the putts dropped, Frosty (with an El Niño—9) and Commish (with his snowman—8) had lost the first hole to a par by Mr. FourSkin and a hanger (a 7) by his partner, Mr. Fifteen. But the round was young and there was much more golf to be played before the drenching rains were to come. During the 3rd hole, which was pushed with pars, Commish revoked The Snowman’s cart driving privileges as he once again walked off following his ball and left the cart some 95 yards down range. By thecartaccident end of the 4th hole Commish and Frosty were 1 up with 5 to play. Bogeys pushed the 5th hole and it was onto the only par 3 on the front side as the sky definitely was growing more ominous. After decent shots to the green, Frosty and Commish jumped in their cart as the rain started. Almost immediately Commish knew he had made a grave faux pas as The Snowman had jumped into the driver’s seat once again. Flooring it, Frosty sent the cart into a dangerous downhill skid with nothing to the left but nothing and absolutely zero control. “If I live through this, remind me never to ride with you again,” Commish was heard to say over the rather rude laughter coming from the other cart driven by one of the Misters. Birdie putts were just missed by both Commish and Frosty but before they could complete their pars the wall of rain that Mr. FourSkin had warned was approaching, quickly overtook the foursome and they left their balls (the ones on the green) and ran to the carts for umbrellas and cover. Too late to keep from being drenched, after about 20 minutes they thought they saw a “parting of the clouds” coming their way so they all sloshed back to the green to putt out. Par-Par-Bogey-Bogey and Commish and Frosty were now up by 2 with 3 holes remaining.

The Snowman at his best

On hole #7 Commish  almost lost his driver as it slipped out of his hand and sent his drive O.B. right. The Snowman employed his cross-legged finish and drove his ball 30 x 30, 30 yards long and 30 yards left, just barely clearing a roaring stream that usually was no more than a trickle. After that, the Misters insisted that play continue because they still could win this match. Mr. Fifteen’s drive looked very similar to Commish’s but Mr. FourSkin settled down and put his ball in the fairway for a decided advantage, all of which brought broad smiles, or dare I say smirks, to their faces. When all was said and done, Commish won the hole with a double bogey 6 to the Misters pair of 7’s. Even The Snowman beat them as he also scored a hanger but got a stroke to make it a net 6. The match might have been over but the best part of the round was still to come.

As they approached the final hole, the rain finally stopped but the gloaming was truly gloomy and the course was soaked. Number 9 is the hardest hole on the front side at Mt. Pleasant. A tough 445 yard uphill hole that is lined on both sides with trees. Still to be determined was who would buy the beer at our Nineteenth Hole. At this point the net scores were Commish 43, net 34; Mr. FourSkin 43, net 34; Mr. Fifteen 47, net 38; and The Snowman 52, net 33. Commish and Mr. Fifteen were disappointed with both three putting and posting a pair of 7’s. But disappointment turned to contagious laughter as they watched Frosty and Mr. FourSkin play army golf (left, right, left, right) all the way up the hole with The Snowman ending in a greenside bunker right, and Mr. FourSkin in the bunker left. Both out of the sand and on the green and in the hole after another pair of 3-putts. Mr. FourSkin was in for a Pavoratti (a 10), his first double-digit score of the season; and, not to be outdone, The Snowman scored an 11, the highest score in the BGA this year.

But in the headline “Streckfus” was mentioned, what the hell is that? Well, in the BGA there once was a golfer, who shall remain nameless, that “never had a score higher than an 8.” That is until we made him count all of his strokes, and by golly, he had so many 11’s that, if his name was Rich Streckfus, we named a score after him. After more than a dozen 11’s in a single trip to Myrtle Beach, Mr. Streckfus has never been seen or heard from again but his infamy lives on in the annals of The Bad Golfers Association. By the way, The Snowman also has a score named after him, other than a snowman, of course since he was actually named for that score. In the BGA you can have a bogey, a double bogey and also a Levering, a score of 3 over par.




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"F*^# me up the A@# with a root!"...The Snowman, after another bad result