Commish, a Brief History

The Commish

Ron “Commish” Swanson

Over the course of playing with the Bad Golfers Association, there have been a few, truly a scant few, memories to cherish. Here are most of them.

Most memorable shot:
Making an 18 foot snake of a putt in Myrtle Beach to save a score of 9. No double digits here!

Oct. 31, 1998, Hole #5 at Longview (now Fox Hollow) GC, my only “eagle”
2008, Hole #12 at Greystone GC: actually dumped first tee shot in ravine, jarred 2nd tee shot for a par.

Best / Worst Rounds:
9 Hole: 2008, Mt. Pleasant GC, even par 36
18 Hole: 1997, Longview (now Fox Hollow) GC, 80
9 Hole: 1991, Pine Ridge GC, 72
18 Hole: 1996, Colonial Charters (Myrtle Beach), 125

Significant Awards:
BGA Simian Award and Race for the Chee’burger, 2007 & 2012
2007 Fall Champion, “B” Flight, Pine Ridge Men’s Club

Spectacular Accomplishments:
14 stroke improvement between holes 3 & 4 at Eastport GC in Myrtle Beach. Knew I had “that shot” to get over a lake, guess I really didn’t have it and recoded a 16. Next hole was a birdie 2.

Commish receiving The Simian Award for his 2012 BGA Season

Commish receiving The Simian Award for his 2012 BGA Season

One comment on “Commish, a Brief History
  1. Hello Comish,
    We were last in touch just before you were about to leave for a Myrtle Beach golf outing and a family vacation. I’m assuming you are now back in the environs of Charm City and have resumed play at Mt. Pleasant. I see there are no new Scribe’s Report and hope that doesn’t bode badly for the BGA. There’s much to like on the website and I’ve explored virtually all of the hazards. Are there any plans for the future? I’d like exchange links, not that has grown much either.
    You mentioned that there is a BGA here in Florida and, if you are willing, give me an introduction to your contact. Check in with,and you’ll see what I’ve been up to on my road to Only God Knows, digitally and otherwise. I’m reading an hilarious book by Vernon Coleman, The Man Who Inherited a Golf Course that I’m sure you and you compatriots would enjoy: Amazon > books >Vernon Coleman.
    Hope to hear from you and the latest exploit in and around baltimore.
    Dick Harrison

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