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Round #2, April 1, 2015 and Drama on the Links

With 9-hole handicaps of 19 (The Snowman), 10 (Mr. Fifteen), 9 (the Commish), and 7 (Mr. FourSkin) who could have guessed that this motley crew of April Fools could produce real drama in a tightly contested round of golf? Well,

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It’s Here…The 2015 Season

Wednesday, March 25, 2015. It began like so many other opening days…freezing rain in the morning, warming to 38 and drizzle by tee time. Commish (Ron Swanson), Mr. Fifteen (Rodger Swanson), and the Snowman (Bill Levering) made their way the

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Rd 24, Sept. 17, FourSkin to the Forefront

Getting hot at the end of the season just might be enough for Bill “Mr. FourSkin” Cockey to eke out a Chee’burger dinner for the season. Bill was last year’s winner of the dinner and the coveted Simian Award, which

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Sept. 14, The Crackpot Tournament

Everyone contributed to the BGA’s best-ever showing in the Annual Crackpot Tournament. The weather was a nearly perfect 73 degrees and the front side was very familiar as we play it almost 30 times a season. This lead, for us

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Rd #23, Sept. 10, a Streckfus and Birdie on the Road Hole

Mr. Fifteen’s opening tee shot on the par 5 opening hole, The Road Hole, was long and true, only 312 yards from the hole. Meanwhile, Commish hit a stinker that left him 417 yards out, on the 9th fairway with

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Rd #20, Aug 20; Babe Ruth & the Road Hole

Driving to the course you needed sunglasses. By the time the first peg was put in the ground the storms had arrived. None of the first three drives found the fairway. That brought The Snowman to the tee. With his

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Rd. #16, July 23, Mr. 4Skin Buys for All

Relatively good golf was played by all this day. Could it be because Mr. Fifteen was on vacation? Bill “Mr. FourSkin” Cockey started with a snowman on the Road Hole, our par 5 opening hole while Ron “Commish” Swanson and

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Torrential rain, flooding in the streets, lightning and thunder. Seems like just another Wednesday in 2014. Showing more good sense than usual, the governing body of the BGA cancelled today’s round before the usual 4:00 p.m. time. Maybe it was

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Rd. 4, 4/23/14, 56º, and 40 mph Breezes

How bad can a round of golf be? Well, let me tell you… Commish was first off the tee on Hole #1, the Road Hole, and almost scored a corvette. After the wind blew his ball off the tee, he

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Rd#3, 4-16-14, 46º, Windy and a “T’Sizzle”

The day before brought 2.5″ of torrential rain and 70 degrees. By nightfall it was 26º and snowing . Luckily(?), strong winds dried out the course enough for a few fools to play golf in chilly and gusting Baltimore. The

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A "Streckfus": a score of 11. Named after a former BGA star that never had more than an 8, until made to count all of his strokes.