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A Wounded Commish Buys the Beer

Mt. Pleasant GC, BALTIMORE, Aug, 10: As the stooges of the BGA arrived for their weekly exercise in futility, there was concern about the new grip Commish was practicing. It wasn’t his usual overlap, nor an interlocking, it was weird,

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Your Faithful Scribe Apologizes

The last few weeks have been eventful for your Scribe. So much so that he has neglected his duties to faithfully chronicle the weekly shootouts in the BGA. In his defense, there was a vacation and the birth of a

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April 6, Round #2

Breaking a more-than-a-century-old record, The BGA teed off on the coldest April 6 in Baltimore’s history. In a fitting way, The Snowman proceeded to emerge victorious for the second week in a row. But that’s not the big news… Mr.

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Rd 15, July 1 and Commish Wins Again

Round 14 was just Commish and Mr. Fifteen with Commish winning with a very weak 48, net 38 to Mr. Fifteens’s 51, net 40. Enough said. This week, Rounf 15, the scores were  close as Commish shot a 46, net

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Rd 12, June 10 Just Another Day at the BGA

The Bills win The BIIIILLLLLLLSSSSS win. That’s about all your venerable Scribe can write about. Team Swansonhead was very bad and Team Bill was so-so bad but they won and got much free beer at the Crackpot. And that is

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#10 May 27, Another Wednesday, Another Rain Storm

With the failure of Mr. FourSkin to post, the intrepid trio of Commish, The Snowman and Mr. Fifteen bought their greens fees and proceeded to the first tee only to be rained upon. The dark clouds seemed to be moving

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#9, May 20, And Frosty Recalls His Hole-in-One

Last week your humble Scribe wrote a short tome congratulating Commish on his winning of a Chee’burger dinner for a net score of 31 or better. All he heard about it was how he forgot to mention The Snowman‘s hole-in-one…hole

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#8, May 13, Commish Wins a Chee’burger

It was a beautiful afternoon and for Commish it would only get better. He was teamed with The Snowman and they were trying to win a beer from the team of Misters Fifteen and FourSkin. Mr. Fifteen’s bogey on the

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#7, May 6, “Roger Maris” Returns

Round 6 was played and was so unspectacular that our Scribe didn’t even file his report. Today’s report is from our reserve Scribe and accurately shows that the BGA, in spite of our golfing deficiencies, still outplays many “average Joe’s”

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Rd 4, April 15 and the Commish is Back

It took him until the 4th round of the year, but Ron “Commish” Swanson finally recorded his first par of the season. Additionally, he also put in his first snowman, too. Luckily for him he added several more pars without

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