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Rd 26, Oct.1, Beautiful Weather and Really Bad Golf

It is truly an exceptional round when your humble Scribe has no interest in even making fun of the golfers, make that duffers of the BGA. This round was, help me here I need a stronger word than PATHETIC. For

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Rd 22, Sept 3, A Levine Makes the Scene

Big Bill “The Snowman” Levering began his round with his second “Levine” of the season. His second “What?” you are probably saying right about now. Let me fill you in…. The PGA has terminology that is universally known. Words such

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Rd #18, Aug. 6 & Cohiba Magic

Quietly and with little fanfare, The Commish has been winning more than his share of beer from the rest of the BGA. His early season woes are beginning to be forgotten as he now has won 4 of his last

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Rd #15, July 16

Frosty was not on the course…he was in Michigan on vacation. Commish was home in bed sick. That left only the Misters Fifteen and FourSkin to tee off on this fine July afternoon. Bill “Mr. FourSkin” Cockey had a fine

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Rd #14, July 9, The Snowman Cometh

Big Bill Levering, has finally found his game. Even in the BGA there are not many players who can say that with a straight face after shooting a 56 for 9 holes. Bill, however, is one of the few, the

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Rd #12, 6/25/14, Some Good Golf and Crabcake Wars

To view the end-of-month stats click here. The temperature was a muggy 89 and it looked like The Snowman might shoot temperature this day instead of slope. After Mr. Fifteen, the Commish and Mr. FourSkin had decent drives of around

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Rd #11, 6-18-14 Hot and humid … finally

The weather was hot and so were the Bills! The Snowman (Bill Levering) had his best round of the season, albeit it was just a 56 (net 37) for our 9-hole match. That “other Bill,” Bill “Mr. FourSkin” Cockey shot

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Rd. 10, 6/11, Got His Kicks Enroute to 66

Weather Report: 80 degrees, Severe T’storm Warning and Tornado Watch. The weather and our game matched. Our friend and former decent golfer, Bill “Mr. FourSkin” Cockey, once again grabbed a victory as he has begun to show signs of regaining

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Rd 9, June 4, 80º and “a Levine”

While the weather might have had “no excuses” written all over it, it doesn’t mean that we did not need some anyway. Mr. Fifteen won the low net beer with a 47, net 36; all without benefit of a score

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Rd. #8 May 28, The Stats & Heinz 57

  First the stats. After 2 months of terrible weather and even worse golf, here is what we have done. So far no one has qualified for the end-of-year Simian Award and Chee’burger Dinner. Now the recap of our 8th

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We used to call it a Mashie; Today it is a 5 iron