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#21, Aug 27; Who Cares? & The Streak Continues

On this week, your faithful Scribe was on vacation in Murrells Inlet, SC. Meanwhile, our Vice-Scribe (The Snowman) failed to post for whatever reason (something to do with having to work, if you can accept that as an excuse). So

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Rd #18, Aug. 6 & Cohiba Magic

Quietly and with little fanfare, The Commish has been winning more than his share of beer from the rest of the BGA. His early season woes are beginning to be forgotten as he now has won 4 of his last

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Rd #15, July 16

Frosty was not on the course…he was in Michigan on vacation. Commish was home in bed sick. That left only the Misters Fifteen and FourSkin to tee off on this fine July afternoon. Bill “Mr. FourSkin” Cockey had a fine

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Rd #13, 7/2/14; Lightning and Pars

It was a dark and stormy night… Oops, wrong story. It was a hot and muggy evening. Temperatures were in the 90’s; way to hot for a Snowman to post, so only 3 made it to the tee. Dark clouds

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Rd #12, 6/25/14, Some Good Golf and Crabcake Wars

To view the end-of-month stats click here. The temperature was a muggy 89 and it looked like The Snowman might shoot temperature this day instead of slope. After Mr. Fifteen, the Commish and Mr. FourSkin had decent drives of around

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Rd. 10, 6/11, Got His Kicks Enroute to 66

Weather Report: 80 degrees, Severe T’storm Warning and Tornado Watch. The weather and our game matched. Our friend and former decent golfer, Bill “Mr. FourSkin” Cockey, once again grabbed a victory as he has begun to show signs of regaining

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Rd 9, June 4, 80º and “a Levine”

While the weather might have had “no excuses” written all over it, it doesn’t mean that we did not need some anyway. Mr. Fifteen won the low net beer with a 47, net 36; all without benefit of a score

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Rd 7: May 21, Babe Ruth and a Birdie

70 degrees and rain, another typical BGA kind of round. Hitting 3 from the tee, Bill “The Snowman” Levering proceeds to score another double digit on the Road Hole at Mt. Pleasant. Controversy arose when his tee shot either “failed

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Rd 6, May 14, The Snowman Doth Return

Let’s get this out of the way first. Ron “Commish” Swanson finally had a half-way decent round. What it could’a been if only a few putts had dropped… But the big news was that The Snowman, Bill Levering, returned and

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Rd #5, May 7, Mr. Fifteen Shines

Once again, The Snowman, who shall remain nameless, failed to post for a round of golf. The weather was “iffy” (about 58 degrees and cloudy), but Rodger “Mr. 15” Swanson was hot. His opening tee shot bounced across the road

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While playing golf today I hit two good balls. I stepped on a rake.
    ~ Henny Youngman