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Hello 2017

After another March snow delay (that’s 3 years in a row), the Bad Golfers Association finally got its 27th season started with the ceremonial passing of The Simian Award from the 2015 winner (The Snowman) to 2016’s champion, Commish. Just

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The Snowman doth cometh once again

Arise my friend and breathe once again. The Snowman doth cometh once again. It’s alive!!! After Frosty’s most excellent round of even par 36 (that is, after subtracting his 9-hole handicap of 20), he once again has a pulse as

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The Snowman Subs for Our Scribe

With Commish away on vacation, Cousin Ed Adams (once mistakenly thought to be Edie) joined Mr. FourSkin (BC), Mr. Fifteen (CS) and The Snowman (BL) for a cool round of 9 at Mt. Pleasant. Despite barely clearing the road on

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Rd. 19 July 29 “A Chee’burger for Mr. Fifteen”

The previous 3 weeks of play were so uneventful that The Scribe was not inspired to make a record of the playing. However, after many years of travail, Rodger “Mr. Fifteen” Swanson finally won a cheeseburger dinner at the fabulous

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Rd 13, June 17 Could 2 Chee’burgers Really Be Awarded?

The short answer is “No,” but it was oh so close. With The Snowman stuck at work, the intrepid three teed off in a slight drizzle (like, what’s new, right?). The first 2 holes were a “wash” as six bogeys

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Rd. 3, April 8: Cold, Wet, and No Snowman

Three golfers posted on time but The Snowman was no where to be seen. Since your faithful Scribe is still thawing out from the windy, rainy, 42 degree round, all he can recall is that Mr. FourSkin bounced his first

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Round #2, April 1, 2015 and Drama on the Links

With 9-hole handicaps of 19 (The Snowman), 10 (Mr. Fifteen), 9 (the Commish), and 7 (Mr. FourSkin) who could have guessed that this motley crew of April Fools could produce real drama in a tightly contested round of golf? Well,

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Rd 27, Oct 8; Mr. FourSkin Came to Play

In the 2014 season’s penultimate round, big Bill “Mr. FourSkin” Cockey put together a round worthy of winning the season’s first “Chee’burger Dinner” at Baltimore’s famous Crackpot Restaurant. Needing to post a net 31 score, Bill did one stroke better

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Rd 26, Oct.1, Beautiful Weather and Really Bad Golf

It is truly an exceptional round when your humble Scribe has no interest in even making fun of the golfers, make that duffers of the BGA. This round was, help me here I need a stronger word than PATHETIC. For

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Rd 25, Sept. 24, Finally a “2” is Scored

First the important stuff…the link for the BGA Statistics through the end of September 2014. The Scribe is very pleased to write that someone (the Commish) finally filled in the 6th hole on his scorecard with a 2. After almost

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