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Driving Rain, Driving Faux-Pas, and a Streckfus

Daylight was waning as we teed off and later that night the weather service was calling for the start of a week of rain. Arriving just before tee time, Commish starts it off with a jack O.B. left almost to

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As the Days Dwindle Down to a Precious Few…

September’s first round has been posted in the books, and, depending on weather and daylight, there remains only 6 or maybe 7 rounds left this season. With this in mind, here are a few of the highlights (low-lights?) of the

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Opening Day, March 30, 2016

Finally the day had arrived. Dusting off our sticks and swings after a long winter of un-use, the BGA arrived at the appointed time to start the new season. The wind was up and the temperature was down; however, “the

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Rd #11, 6-18-14 Hot and humid … finally

The weather was hot and so were the Bills! The Snowman (Bill Levering) had his best round of the season, albeit it was just a 56 (net 37) for our 9-hole match. That “other Bill,” Bill “Mr. FourSkin” Cockey shot

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Rd. 10, 6/11, Got His Kicks Enroute to 66

Weather Report: 80 degrees, Severe T’storm Warning and Tornado Watch. The weather and our game matched. Our friend and former decent golfer, Bill “Mr. FourSkin” Cockey, once again grabbed a victory as he has begun to show signs of regaining

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Rd 7: May 21, Babe Ruth and a Birdie

70 degrees and rain, another typical BGA kind of round. Hitting 3 from the tee, Bill “The Snowman” Levering proceeds to score another double digit on the Road Hole at Mt. Pleasant. Controversy arose when his tee shot either “failed

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Rd 6, May 14, The Snowman Doth Return

Let’s get this out of the way first. Ron “Commish” Swanson finally had a half-way decent round. What it could’a been if only a few putts had dropped… But the big news was that The Snowman, Bill Levering, returned and

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