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Rd #5, April 22 and Babe Ruth Returns

For the first time this year, the weather looked fine. At 2:00 it was almost 70 and sunny; but, tee time was not until 5:34 and by the time it came around the wind had felled trees in the area,

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Rd. #8 May 28, The Stats & Heinz 57

  First the stats. After 2 months of terrible weather and even worse golf, here is what we have done. So far no one has qualified for the end-of-year Simian Award and Chee’burger Dinner. Now the recap of our 8th

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Rd 7: May 21, Babe Ruth and a Birdie

70 degrees and rain, another typical BGA kind of round. Hitting 3 from the tee, Bill “The Snowman” Levering proceeds to score another double digit on the Road Hole at Mt. Pleasant. Controversy arose when his tee shot either “failed

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We used to call it a Mashie Niblick; Today it is a 7 iron