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Rd 25, Sept. 24, Finally a “2” is Scored

First the important stuff…the link for the BGA Statistics through the end of September 2014. The Scribe is very pleased to write that someone (the Commish) finally filled in the 6th hole on his scorecard with a 2. After almost

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Rd. #17 and July Stats Are In

Click here for the BGA stats through the end of July. Still no one is qualifying for the year-end Chee’burger Award and the Simian Award. The last round of July produced a pair of winners in Ron “Commish” Swanson and

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Rd. #8 May 28, The Stats & Heinz 57

  First the stats. After 2 months of terrible weather and even worse golf, here is what we have done. So far no one has qualified for the end-of-year Simian Award and Chee’burger Dinner. Now the recap of our 8th

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We used to call it a Mid Mashie; Today it is a 3 iron