As the Days Dwindle Down to a Precious Few…

flounderingFathersSeptember’s first round has been posted in the books, and, depending on weather and daylight, there remains only 6 or maybe 7 rounds left this season. With this in mind, here are a few of the highlights (low-lights?) of the BGA’s first 25 rounds.

Snow claimed the first event on March 23 and there was a rain out on May 11. Those 2 days were particulary nasty as we have played through rain, sleet, snow and thunder, particularly in the early days of the year. That means the the Three Stooges and Shemp have played 23 time so far with Rodger “Mr. Fifteen” Swanson teeing it up 22 times, Bill “Mr. FourSkin” Cockey and Ron “Commish” Swanson 21, and Bill “The Snowman” Levering posting for 18 rounds, so far.

Most importantly, The Snowman has put in 31 snowmen (those are 8’s for the non-golfers reading this). He also has 10 El Niño’s (9’s) and the only 2 Pavoratti’s (10’s, named after the great TENor) so far this year. Commish and Mr. FourSkin both have 9 snowmen while Mr. Fifteen has shot a surprisingly low 6. El Niños stand at 2 for Mr. 16 and 1 each for Commish and Mr. 15.

For our 9-hole rounds the average and net scores so far are:
Commish 47.71 (37.67 net); Mr. FourSkin 47.76 (38.48 net); Mr. Fifteen 48.41 (37.73 net); and The Snowman’s 58.44 (38.44 net). These score represent less than a single stoke’s difference from top to bottom after considering our handicaps. This is reflected in the Beers Won/Lost count which stands at plus 0.50 beers for Commish and Frosty and minus 0.50 beers for the two Misters.

The team competition, however, is quite different as it seems that Mr. Fifteen does not play well with others. When The Bills are teamed against The Swansonheads it is almost a complete sweep as The Bills have won 4 and tied 1 of the 5 rounds. When The Misters are teamed together, they have managed only a single win in their 5 attempts to beat Commish and Frosty. So far the team of The Snowman and Mr. Fifteen has won 2 of the 4 matches they have played against Mr. FourSkin and Commish. If you have read this far, I know you are as confused as your humble Scribe is, so to clarify, if you have Mr. Fifteen as your teammate your record stands at 3-10-1. This translates into buying 10 beers and winning only 3 when you are unfortunate enough to have to try and carry Mr. Fifteen’s weight. A tough chore indeed.

Birdies: Mr. FourSkin—3, Mr. Fifteen—2, Commish—1, The Snowman—0
Pars: Mr. FourSkin—42, Commish—41, Mr. Fifteen—36, The Snowman—2
Greens in Regulation: Mr. FourSkin—43, Mr. Fifteen—36, Commish—34, The Snowman—8
Fairways: Mr. Fifteen—66, The Snowman—62, Commish—53, Mr. FourSkin—49

All of this means that in the Race for the Cheeseburger and the Simian Award, Commish has an almost insurmountable lead as he is +14.06% ahead of last year’s base numbers while the closest pursuer is Mr. Fifteen at +1.17%, while Frosty stands at -2.37% and Mr. FourSkin stands at -13.87%. Commish says he likes his cheeseburger very rare and the side of fries seasoned liberally with Old Bay.

CartGirlMr. Fifteen has posted the only cheeseburger-worthy rounds of the year as he won them with a net 31 on July 6 and bested that with a net 29 0n July 27. Congrats on those quality scores.

Just a few other stats to consider… Mr. Fifteen has the only 2 this season; 3’s leaders are both Misters and Commish with 11 each; 4’s are close with Commish having 39 and Mr. FourSkin 38. Mr. Fifteen leads in 5’s with 69 while Commish and Mr. FourSkin each have 63. The Snowman leads in all scores of 7 and above with 50% of his scires this year falling in that range.



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2 comments on “As the Days Dwindle Down to a Precious Few…
  1. Mr Fifteen says:

    This scribble from the Scribe is somewhat entertaining but once again misses the mark by failing to sing the praises of Mr Fifteen and pointing out the horrible score Mr Fourskin put in. And most everyone knows I will quickly overtake the Commish in the year end stats.

  2. Commish says:

    Your humble Scribe must call them as he sees them since he sees them all as they all are.

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