April 6, Round #2

The Snowman at his best

The Snowman at his best

Breaking a more-than-a-century-old record, The BGA teed off on the coldest April 6 in Baltimore’s history. In a fitting way, The Snowman proceeded to emerge victorious for the second week in a row. But that’s not the big news…

Mr. Fifteen revealed that he is letting family commitments interfere with his golfing responsibilities and will be going on a college visit with his progeny next week. So, in a remarkable bit of good luck, the BGA will have a substitute player, the beautiful and perspicacious Edie Adams! I can still hear her melodious refrains from that cigar commercial, “…Hey big spender, spend a little time with…”

Oh, wait a second. The BGA Editor-in-Chief has just handed me a note saying that Eddie, not Edie, Adams may be joining us next week. Never mind.

What a disappointment. So I guess it’s back to the actual Bad Golf that was displayed in abundance last night.

Kudos to Mt. Pleasant for having the greens in perfect shape on the front nine. They rolled very fast and true…maybe because it was so cold we were almost putting on ice. While we don’t have a stimpmeter, they must have been 4-5 feet faster than last week. However they did lead to two 4-putts to go along with seven 1-putt greens as we adjusted to the speed. They grounds crew will remedy the great greens by aerating them before next week’s play.

Final scores were: Snowman 55, net 35; Mr. FourSkin 47, net 39, Commish 50, net 39; and generously buying the beer at the 19th hole, Mr. Fifteen with a 50, net 40.

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"F*^# me up the A@# with a root!"...The Snowman, after another bad result