A Wounded Commish Buys the Beer

3 Stooges GolfMt. Pleasant GC, BALTIMORE, Aug, 10:
As the stooges of the BGA arrived for their weekly exercise in futility, there was concern about the new grip Commish was practicing. It wasn’t his usual overlap, nor an interlocking, it was weird, just plain weird. Similar to a 10-finger grip, Commish was going to step up to the tee with the seldom used 9-finger grip with his left index finger totally off the club.

It turned out that he had surgery on his finger a few days before and there were still multiple stitches running from the fingernail almost to the second knuckle. As expected, things did not go well and a gleeful “Mr. Fifteen” took advantage and was the recipient of Commish’s generosity at the tap after the round.

Other news is that Commish’s partner for the round, “Mr. FourSkin”, might have played his final round of the season as he starts a new job next week and doesn’t think he can make it to our 5:34 tee time each Wednesday afternoon.

Commish fingerThe Team of Mr. Fifteen & The Snowman soundly defeated Commish & Mr. FourSkin 5 and 3 with the final count being 6 holes won to just 1 for the losers. Final scores were Mr. Fifteen 45, net 35; The Snowman 56, net 36; Mr. FourSkin 48, net 39; and the woeful Commish’s 50, net 41.

All your Scribe can say is at least Commish posted although it might have been better to at least try out his new-fangled 9-finger grip before teeing it up.

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