#9, May 20, And Frosty Recalls His Hole-in-One

snowmanbillLast week your humble Scribe wrote a short tome congratulating Commish on his winning of a Chee’burger dinner for a net score of 31 or better. All he heard about it was how he forgot to mention The Snowman‘s hole-in-one…hole in one tree, that is.

Teamed with Commish, on the 4th hole, Frosty hit his approach shot “a little to the right.” As it slowed and approached a large nut tree (kinda appropriate, huh?), it actually ran up the tree trunk about 8 feet and calmly rolled back down. It was never to be hit again. However, after an intensive search, it was found to have rolled straight back down the trunk and into a hollowed out part at the base of the tree for a BGA-best hole-in-one-tree en route to an easy score of, of course, a snowman.

Now for this week’s tightly contested round. Mr. FourSkin (7), Commish (9), and Mr. Fifteen (11) are two strokes apart in handicap and they finished tied at net 39 each with scores of, respectively, 46, 48, and 50. Unfortunately for The Snowman (19 handicap), he couldn’t hold his score on the first hole to a snowman and recorded yet another 10. This ended up giving him a 60 with a net score of 41. Which meant that he had to buy the winner a beer. This week there were three winners so much brew flowed freely at Baltimore’s fabulous Crackpot Restaurant that evening.

Rubbing in just a little more salt to melt Frosty’s ever-present smile, Mr. FourSkin sunk a 6-footer on the last hole to also win the team contest for Team Commish/Fourskin over Team Snowman/Fifteen, so Frosty was on the hook for yet another beer. This did tie the league record for beers bought in a single round at the maximum number of 4. So, I guess, rather than congratulations, many thank-yous to Frosty are in order.

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