#8, May 13, Commish Wins a Chee’burger

It was a beautiful afternoon and for Commish it would only get better. He was teamed with The Snowman and they were trying to win a beer from the team of Misters Fifteen and FourSkin. Mr. Fifteen’s bogey on the opening proved to be a winner but a chip-in for birdie on the next hole by Commish tied it up. That began Commish’s “round of the season” as he parred and bogeyed his way to the last hole needing another bogey on the tough uphill 445 yard par 4 to record a 41, net 31 to win a chee’burger dinner from his playing partners. And a bogey is just what he got as his final putt was a mere tap in for his nickel. The win also kept The Snowman’s undefeated season in team play alive. It’s nice to partner with a 19 (for 9) handicapper when he can deliver a couple of pars and/or bogeys, isn’t it.

Final scores were Commish 41, net 31; The Snowman 56, net 37, and Mr. Fifteen 49, net 38; Mr. FourSkin 45, net 38. Since they tied for high net, Commish not only got his chee’burger but a couple of brews to go with it.

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A "Streckfus": a score of 11. Named after a former BGA star that never had more than an 8, until made to count all of his strokes.