#7, May 6, “Roger Maris” Returns

Round 6 was played and was so unspectacular that our Scribe didn’t even file his report. Today’s report is from our reserve Scribe and accurately shows that the BGA, in spite of our golfing deficiencies, still outplays many “average Joe’s” that pickup the sticks.

On a pleasant afternoon for golf only Mr. Fifteen (CS) and the Snowman ( BL ) hit the links of Mt. Pleasant. Mr. FourSkin (BC) had family obligations and the Commish was on vacation.  The pace was very slow as a trio of horrendous golfers hacked their way in front of the BGA duffers. A very proficient young golfer in his twenties and another golfer who looked to have taken driving lessons from BC’s friend Carl joined us for the round. Mr. Fifteen (CS) played a very consistent quality round of bogey golf for the first eight holes before stumbling into the clubhouse with a hangman on the ninth hole. He finished with a score of 47 and recorded a par and six bogeys. This was more than enough to defeat the Snowman  who recorded a dismal Roger Maris (61) . A Pavarotti (10) on hole# 1 set the stage for a long afternoon. After an almost bird on #6 that ended in a bogey he stepped to the tee box of # 7. Three lost ball penalty shots off the tee  lay the groundwork for a hole of epic disaster. A tremendous 180 yard shot followed to put him on the green within 6 feet of the pin. There was a glimmer of hope that a second double digit could be avoided. However three putts later the Snowman grumbled off to the tee box for # 8 with a Streckfus (11). A bogey on #8 and a double bogey on #9 sent the Snowman off to the Crack Pot to quench the thirst of the victorious Mr. Fifteen with a cold Bud.

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We used to call it a Lofter; Today it is a 8 iron