Substitute Scribe Breaks Arm Patting Himself on Back

Rodger "Mr. Fifteen" Swanson

Rodger “Mr. Fifteen” Swanson

The weather was perfect, The Snowman (BL) showed up early and Mr. FourSkin (BC) drifted in lackadaisically. The complete compliment of the BGA stood on the tee box of hole one and little did any of them know that history was about to be made. The Snowman found yet another snow and the Commish (RS) and Mr. Fifteen (CS) settled for bogies while Mr FourSkin holed a very fortunate double bogey putt. After the completion of five holes, the teams were tied and it looked like the round was good but not remarkable. Then on hole six team CS/BL won over RS/BC with a par. By the start of hole eight  it looked like Mr. Fifteen had a great round with a total of 2 over par. Finally at the completion of hole nine Mr. Fifteen ended with 3 over par (39, net 29), RS (42, net 33), BC (44, net 35), and BL (62, net 42). This entitled CS to his third cheeseburger win and the team win, too. This was CS’s second round of a net 29 this year. It appears that Mr. Fifteen is planning on setting a very high standard for the others to trail behind.

The Real Scribe Reports: Even I have to congratulate Mr. Fifteen on his record-setting 3rd chee’burger win of the year…a never-before done accomplishment. Well done, Fifteen, well done indeed.

Mr. Fifteen enjoys the spoils of victory

Mr. Fifteen enjoys the spoils of victory

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3 comments on “Substitute Scribe Breaks Arm Patting Himself on Back
  1. Mr Fifteen says:

    The report seems fair and honest, and allows the fans to see the talent of Mr Fifteen as a golfer and a writer. Bravo

  2. Mr. Fourskin says:

    Oh Lord, we need to put on some big rubber boots because this ____ is getting deep. There were many other fine shots in this round that are not mentioned. Yes, CS had a great round, but he was due since he has put in enough 50+ rounds this season to choke a horse. My prediction is that CS goes down in flames next week and BL will be forced to carry him!!!

    His name is not Mr. Fifteen for nothing:)

  3. Mr Fifteen says:

    Shall we discuss Mr Fourskin’s affinity for doubles. His 44 yesterday BUT a 55 last. I believe my generosity by not winning every week is mistaken for lack of talent. I will again next week be the apex of the BGA.

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