#10 May 27, Another Wednesday, Another Rain Storm

With the failure of Mr. FourSkin to post, the intrepid trio of Commish, The Snowman and Mr. Fifteen bought their greens fees and proceeded to the first tee only to be rained upon. The dark clouds seemed to be moving to the north so everyone crossed their fingers, said a prayer to the Water Witch, and put their pegs in the ground while hoping to drive toward a brightening sky.

If it had been poker, The Snowman would have had the high hand with a full house of snowmen over sixes to the Commish’s score of 7’s over sixes en route to only his second round of 50 or more this season. Meanwhile Mr. Fifteen was plodding along, not doing anything particularly well but good enough to beat the other two duffers he was playing with.

Final scores were Mr. 15 47 (net 36), Frosty 59 (net 40), and Commish 51 (net 42) to go along with 5 3-putts on greens that he never figured the speeds on. So, for just the second time this year, the beer was on the Commish at Baltimore’s fabulous Crackpot Seafood Restaurant, our 19th hole sanctuary.

This marked the end of the third month of the season so the latest stats are posted.

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